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Freedom: A Future You Want Project

Young people ages 11- 19 from Priory Court Housing Estate Community in Waltham Forest were invited to take part in this exciting and free opportunity to craft and film their own spoken-word performance.

Participants worked with MC and Hip Hop artist ShayD, award-winning musician and composer Rex Horan and Emmy award-winning Producer Kate Hampel in a 3 session 'bootcamp' as well as one-on-one mentoring. This was a unique opportunity to develop skills, confidence, self-expression, word play and music. Participants showcased their work as part of the London Design Festival in September 2022. 

What is spoken-word? It’s an opportunity to put words to emotions and ideas, to tackle topics spanning race, class, gender, politics and mental health. “Spoken Word” refers to poetry that is read aloud; it may contain elements of theatre, stand-up comedy, storytelling, rhetoric, jazz, hip hop, rap or other forms. 

For further information email 

@Clarion_Group, #iwillFund, #PowerofYouth


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