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“It’s My Home”, is a 36-piece socially distanced musical extravaganza written and performed by the residents of the Stocksfield Road, Marlowe Road and Northwood Tower housing estates in the London Borough of Waltham Forest and the Project Zero E17 youth champions.


The project was commissioned by Waltham Forest Housing Engagement team with funding that was made available by Countryside, and co-funded by The Digital Story Company CIC.

Filmmaker Kate Hampel worked alongside award-winning composer Rex Horan to create a song and music video based on their experiences of living in the estate communities and the surrounding Wood Street community.  

The real fun then begins as we record all the wonderful and generous folks who have inspired the work… It’s like Theseus’ ship – plank by plank, nail by nail, mast by mast and sail by sail, it becomes a vessel that we all had a hand in building together. Rex Horan, Composer.


Rex Horan The Union Chapel 

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