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We are developing a collaborative digital media project and photographic exhibition for all ages called Inside Priory Court. The project will give visitors an immersive history of Priory Court Housing Estate in Walthamstow using video and audio interviews with residents, photographs, music, and historical artefacts.

Using residents’ own stories and questions about the past, the project will take a journey from the estate’s bright beginnings in 1946 up to the current day. We will interview past and present residents about their working and social lives, family and migration stories, memories of fetes, religious festivals, concerts and collective experiences, including the annual Carnival and life at the Community Centre.

To create an authentic depiction and to ensure Priory Court residents are fully included in the creation, we will be running a series of media training workshops that will enhance the skills and employability for younger residents while engaging older past and present residents in the telling of stories.

To get involved fill in our short questionnaire: Priory Court Short Survey

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